Guided tour / Gijs Gieskes (nl) / machines with no need of humankind

Guided tour
Thursday, 5 May, 2022 - 18:00

Contemporary Dutch artist Gijs Gieskes creates audio-visual tools that are used by musicians and visual artists around the world. In this field, he is an established designer with a radical approach to electronics that blurs the boundaries between music, art, and science. His approach is characterized by a fascination with absurd machines, new and unlikely technological relationships, intricate constructions, modest materials, and avoidance of high-tech. Although his instruments appear to be stand-alone devices, they are or can be part of complex, technologically primitive systems, an open world of electromechanical and musical relationships.

The exhibition machines with no need of human kind will be guided by its author Gijs Gieskes, together with curator Ondřej Merta. The evening program will be enriched by the sound performance starting at 7 PM, in which Gijs will present his Gameboy set that reminds the chiptune scene peaking in 2007 when the documentary Reformat the planet was launched and the festival Blip fest took place in New York. The duo Doláry Romani (Ondřej Merta, Ondřej Homola) will complete the event by their sound accompaniment to Gieskes' concert.

Gijs Gieskes (*1977) studied industrial design at the Technical University of Eindhoven, where he lives. Since the beginning of his work with electronics, Gieskes has built on a minimal knowledge of technology. Part of the process was discovering the technological solutions for more complex devices using elemental electronic components, which led to the reinvention of existing technologies such as the vactrol relay or the phase-locked loop. This "non-expert" approach is still a key part of the author's work, despite his gained knowledge. He is characterized by a fascination with absurd machines, novel and implausible technological relationships, convoluted designs, modest materials, and avoidance of high-tech. Gieskes presents his work within artist talks. He exhibits in galleries but also at festivals and workshops. Except for Western Europe, he has exhibited in the USA, Taiwan, Russia, and China. Among the festivals, it is worth mentioning Sonic Acts and Ars Electronica, where his work Electromechanical Modular won the Prix Art honorable mention in the field of sound art in 2015.

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