App SPOTS: Petr Svárovský in collaboration with Vašulka Kitchen Brno and KKRD Boys

The experimental app FLEKY was created by artist Petr Svárovský in collaboration with Vašulka Kitchen Brno. Using augmented reality elements, it offers users a new view of Brno's famous bars, pubs and dance halls by means of entries in the local proverbial dialect of Hantec. The creation of the entries was entrusted to the literary collective and experts on Brno nightlife KKRD Boys. Their distinct poetics forms an unusual and atypical guide to the area. 

The app was first presented to the public during Brno Museum Night 2021. In the future, it will be made available and further developed on various occasions.

Peter Svárovský's artistic and creative intention is to connect globalised technology with the necessity of physical movement in space. The application, based on GPS coordinates, is connected with a specific place and also a local dialect, which makes it a locally specific event. It is the relationship between the shared, common, unified virtual space and the local experience and real experience is the main goal of the author. For this reason, too, the app does not take the form of of a map, but is made up of arrows that make visitors go to an undetermined location, where they can read an entry linked to that place. The app thus focuses on the tense relationship between temporary, physical and local space and the infinite, virtual and ubiquitous infosphere, or our excessive use of mobile phones on at the expense of our perception of reality. Through the combination of these two spheres, interactive applications conveys an experience that allows its users to perceive and discover the places they visit in new ways.

The mobile app project was originally developed in Norway for the Lofoten archipelago. It allowed locals
to create a record of the history of where they live – from prehistoric times through the Viking period and World War II.
to the present day, and share it also with the wider community. 

Petr Svárovský (b. 1962) is an artist, author, new media and virtual reality. Recently he has been interested in the technological possibilities and use of the mobile phone and applications that are a means for virtual and physical experiences shaped by collective participation and strategies that aim to push the boundaries of art beyond the commonly defined

KKRD Boys is a group of Brno-based writers who move on the edge of controversial anecdotal content combined with sharp humour and satire. Their language draws on Hantec and is inspired by contemporary Brno speech. The stories are based on true stories and Brno realities. They were recently awarded the prestigious Magnesia Litera prize. The work of KKRD Boys has been dramatised by the Husa na provázku theatre, among others.

The Fleky app will offer a list of places near Vasulka Kitchen Brno. The user can choose one and the mobile phone will guide them to it. Once he arrives at the destination, he unlocks the a screen with full text describing the location. The user can thus experience the atmosphere of the location, including its sounds, smells, footprints and weather conditions. Those who wish to personally can share their impressions and experiences and place them on the locations where they took place.

How to visit registered sites:
1. You need to be in Brno.
2. You need to be in Brno.
3. On the list of places, tap on one.
4. Go in the direction the arrow points.
5. Stop occasionally to let the compass recover. 
6. When you arrive at the location, you will see text with details.

How to register new places:
1. Get a password - in Vasulka Kitchen.
2. On the home screen, select "FERBLE".
3. Go to the place you want to register.
4. Fill in the name of the place.
5. Write something interesting about the place - max 8 lines.
6. Check and send.
7. Do it all at the place you want to register.
8. If the admin doesn't like it, he will delete it.

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