Steve Reich (USA) / Jan Rychlík (CZ)


Thursday, 24 January, 2019 - 18:00

Every month we are inviting you to a cycle of sessions named COOKING MUSIC / CONFRONTATION. You can look forward to a series of listening shows based on the confrontation of the New York and Czech music scene in contemporary contexts.

Steve Reich is an American composer. He is considered to be a pioneer of minimalism in music, though his focus does not only lay forming exclusively minimalist compositions. He has developed several influential compositional techniques. According to The Guardian, he is one of the few living composers who have allegedly "changed the history of musical history". In 2012 he was awarded by the New York cultural facility The Kitchen.

The core of Jan Rychlík's compositional heritagevis in his chamber music. He builds upon the contribution of the classics of the 20th century, and is later interested in composing techniques of "New Music", from which he used elements enriching his creative work. In each track he solved a certain formal or content problem and introduced new solutions.

The event will be hosted by Viktor Pantůček, a scientist at the Institute of Musicology at FFMU, a playwright of a number of international music festivals, such as the Brno Contemporary orchestra.