Theresa Schrezenmeir & Maria Komarova - Flying Carpets

We invite you on 17th Jan at 6 p.m to Vašulka Kitchen Brno!

Theresa Schrezenmeir & Maria Komarova AKA 'kaine A NUNG' present: Flying Carpets

Let's wrap some frequencies of sound around us. We want to share some ideas, experiments and images about textures of sound. Are there sounds which layer themselves around you like a blanket? Maybe like a too tight scarf. Can we knit some songs, just jump on the carpet of sound?

We will work on analogue surfaces and digital ones. After collaborating in the field of scenography/ devised and object theatre and secretly making music under bridges, we thank Noise Kitchen for the residency with all opportunities to focus on sound.

kaine A NUNG are Theresa Schrezenmeir (GER) and Maria Komarova (BLR), they are soldering and singing, collaborating with instruments, birds, electronic devices and daily objects.